Why should I use TiM?

November 26, 2019

Fair question! We built TiM based on our on-set experience, feeling the struggle of crew and production alike to manage unwieldy amounts of information with the crude instruments of pen, ink and paper. (Not for nothing, but did you know the latest innovation in everyday ink pen technology occurred in 1888, with the invention of the mighty ballpoint? Just sayin’.)

As working union crewmembers, we felt the pain of going from show to show and having to fill out all that same information again each time… and being ADs, we doubly felt the pain of having to track down and manage all that paper from crewmembers who, understandably, were more interested in getting to work crewing than writing their Social Security Number and withholding allowances over and over.

Thus, with lots and lots of input from our fellow crewmembers and production management veterans, we went forth and built a system designed to be as pain-free as possible… for both sides.

So, why should you use it?

For crewmembers: The ability to create a free, lasting account of your own online, which can then be used to auto-generate all your paperwork on any show using TiM, is a giant saver of time and toil. Once you’ve been set up on one show this way, the next show will be even easier, as you basically just click through your paperwork online to make it official. You can do it from your phone in less than a minute!

For productions: Never chase down another piece of paper from your crewmembers on set. Never make another checklist of who has gotten which parts of their startwork back to you, or wonder what happened to that one W-4 that that one guy in craft services swears he left on your PO desk and really doesn’t want to fill out again. Just look at a single hellotim.com screen to see at a glance what packets are outstanding… and click to send reminders if needed.

But don’t take just our word for it. Scroll through our home page to find some helpful testimonials from the happy people we’ve been happy to help.


If you have questions, I’m here to help.