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TiM is a game-changer in production and has simplified, organized, and streamlined the tedious and frustrating world of start paperwork and other crew and cast forms. I can’t imagine a job without TiM and hope I never have to!

Cameron Amstater

Production Coordinator

Start packets are a hassle to deal with no matter what. But with TiM, it’s fast, easy to use, and impossible to screw up, all without losing flexibility. Plus, the real time-saver comes during wrap when all of the necessary documents can be packaged and sent to the right people with a few clicks.

Andrew Ritter

Producer/Owner, MegaFive

TiM made processing start work so much quicker. The paperwork was actually legible and the Production supervisor could sign it whenever she had a moment, rather than taking several hours out of her day to come to the office.

Amyjoy Clark

Payroll Accountant

We’ve done five or six productions with TiM and everyone has been blown away by how simple and straightforward it is—the few people who had any reticence instantly saw that this was the way of the future.

Chris Hanada

Producer/Owner, Retrofit Films