TiM (Time is Money) was conceived in 2015 by a pair of crewmembers, who had worked their way up from PAs to production management, eventually becoming DGA-member ADs. Experiencing the inefficiencies and paper-laden frustrations, they set out to envision a better way. They created TiM, a solution to making start paperwork easier for everyone on set.

TiM’s Mission

TiM improves the lives of everyone on production, by providing onboarding solutions that are elegant and just work.


  • Intuitive
  • Efficient
  • Secure


Production start paperwork that makes sense the first time you see it, whether you’re a crewmember or admin.


We built TiM not just as a green alternative to paper, but to be better than paper. This system does the work for you, so you can leave paper in the past.


Military grade encryption and SOC compliance make TiM the secure way to onboard. We pass studio penetration tests with flying colors.

Want to know more about how TiM works?

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