Enter your information once, and automate your startwork forever.

TiM makes digital onboarding easy, intuitive and secure by streamlining and centralizing all required tasks. Let TiM handle digital onboarding while the Studio/Production Company continues to focus on bringing creative content to an ever-expanding market.

For UPMs and accountants, TiM makes the process of tracking and approving startwork effortless and efficient by decreasing human error and enabling electronic approval from any device. TiM saves time, paper, and the production money.

Our Mission

TiM is a movement and startwork is just the beginning. This is a chance to change established processes for the better—to create innovative solutions that benefit each of us, the production, and, therefore, the entertainment industry as a whole.

And, we’ll save so many trees along the way.

Who We Are

Your fellow crewmembers. Mike is an NYU Film & Television alum, DGA Assistant Director Training Program graduate, and Veronica is a Notre Dame alum, UCLA postgraduate, who studied science & philosophy and came into film by a more indirect route. Between the both of us we’ve worked in film for about a decade, and our distinct paths allow us to see production from the inside looking out and the outside looking in. Our partner, Carmine Guida, is the “unicorn” developer that anyone starting a tech company dreams of and hopes for. A vet in start-up tech land, an experienced businessman, and a skilled musician–he is the perfect complement to two ADs who have personally struggled with the inefficiencies prevalent in the film production industry.

Our Vision

To build something better, together, for all of us.

To pursue this humbly. To listen and learn at every interval and work steadfastly to meet the needs of every stakeholder in the entertainment industry (the crewmember, accounting, the office, producers, the unions, the studios, the payroll companies). To equitably value, prioritize, and harmonize the needs of each individual and develop less wasteful and more considerate processes.