Digital Crew Onboarding Goes Global with TiM. First Stop: Canada!

September 26, 2020

As film and TV production continues to ramp back up post-shutdown, producers find themselves in need of a contactless start paperwork solution for digital crew onboarding, all over the world.

In response, TiM has rolled out new functionality that will enable you to get your crew the proper templates and start packets applied based on the project's country. So you can build and save templates with country-specific forms and have them always available for starts!

TiM Digital Crew Onboarding Country Selection

Not only that; our adaptive digital crew onboarding system will automatically collect necessary information from new crew hires, based not only on their resident state/country, but also on where they're shooting.

Now fully compliant for film crew onboarding in Canada

We've started with a full build-out of Canada – meaning we can now ensure that all our Canadian productions are collecting necessary crew information to complete required Canadian onboarding documents.

Our ultimate destination is that film crew members will have one account and one profile across all borders, payroll companies and production employers. And as a production manager, you can have all of your film and TV projects in one place, regardless of where they shoot.

Crew profile intake now adapts to home country format

While we were under the hood and in a global frame of mind, we decided to upgrade our entire intake system for film crews from all over the world.

Now crew members from Canada to Hungary to South Africa can select their country and find the correct phone and address format, rather than trying to shoehorn their information into a U.S. layout. ("ZIP code? What the devil is that?")

We're excited to get this out there to our TiM admins and crew members all over the world. To learn more about the nitty gritty, see our release notes.

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