Black Lives Matter

June 17, 2020

TiM does not have a giant staff. We can comfortably fit in one room or web conference.

So we can say with complete transparency and honesty, every team member weighed in on this issue personally and spoke their mind. To a person, the team unanimously opted to speak out at this historic moment, if only to say, in no uncertain terms:

Black lives matter.

The violence against women and men of color in our country is inherently criminal, inherently abhorrent and inherently heartbreaking. The brutally arrogant theft of life from Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, Botham Jean, Atatiana Jefferson, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks and so many countless others of our Black fellow humans has the infuriating injustice baked right in.

To call it out as horrifically wrong can feel like a truism; everyone knows systemic violence against people of any race is wrong, don't they? Everyone knows violence against our own citizens by the peace officers expressly sworn to protect those citizens is the ultimate abuse of power... don't they?

Clearly and to our great shame, we do not yet know or practice these truths uniformly in the United States of America.

This targeted and capricious violence against our own people is rightly our greatest shame as a nation, and must continue to be so until it is eradicated.

Black lives matter.

This, by the way, is not just a statement from TiM. It's a statement from the individuals who work at TiM, who are grateful to have some small platform from which to share, with our fellow crewmembers and production companies, how we feel:

We are enraged.

We are in the streets with our brothers and sisters. We are fighting for police reform and racial equality with our voices, our votes, our pens and yes, our wallets.

A few of the orgs our teammembers give to

Here are some of the organizations we are giving to and believe in as individuals. We know there are many more worthy ones out there.

Black Lives Matter

Color of Change

Southern Poverty Law Center


Where to find protests near you

This database built by young people lets you search for organized protests in your area.

How to contact your elected representatives

Make your voice heard by speaking out, either by phone or in writing. This government-run website gives you the contact info you'll need to reach the office of the president, your senator or representative.

Black lives matter.

Black lives matter.

Black lives matter.

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