How It Works

Whether you are a crewmember joining a production or a producer creating a new production, it’s easy to get started with TiM.

  • Create your own personal username and password
  • Complete your Electronic Profile
  • You’re in!

Next steps depend on your role:

If You’re a Production Admin

Create a Production

  • Enter production details, like production office address and phone number
  • One minute later, you’re done with this

Set Up Startwork

  • Choose one of our standard production templates, or upload your own
  • For your own unique company forms, upload digital files – even scanned documents
  • Prep one universal packet that works for every future new-hire, regardless of position or union

Define Permission Sets

  • Determine what can be viewed, edited and uploaded – and by whom
  • Differentiate between core crew and day-players
  • Allow crewmember access to info specific to their position

Start Sending Starts!

If You’re a Crewmember

Join a Production

  • Be invited to a production by text message, email or from within TiM
  • Get access to all the jobs you’re working on upon sign-in

Join the Revolution

  • Watch as TiM uses your online profile to fill out your startwork for you
  • Click to sign where required, and submit your packet when done
  • Complete your startwork in about 30 seconds

Get the Skinny

  • Access a real-time crewlist
  • Toggle between multiple productions
  • Access your approved startwork and rate / basis information with one click.

Get To Work!

Take Advantage of the Benefits

Startwork Delivery

  • Accounting can download completed startwork as PDFs
  • And/or batch send to the payroll company and studio/network

TiM is Universal

  • Works on any internet connected mobile device or computer regardless of operating system
  • Works with any payroll company, studio or network

Cloud based

  • Access from anywhere
  • Never lose your or a production’s information


  • Dual encryption protocols for stored information and documents
  • No long term storage of sensitive information like social security numbers